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authorized materials lists aml caltrans

authorized materials lists aml caltrans

authorized materials lists aml caltrans

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Authorized Materials Lists (AML) | Caltrans45 rows · Authorized Materials Lists (AML) Authorized Material Lists are specified in Caltrans ...Accessible Pedestrian SignalsAuthorization Requirements fo…RSS 86-1.02TAdmixtures for Use in Concret…Authorization Requirements fo…90-1.01C(4) 90-1.02E(1) 90-1.0…Anaerobic Threadlocking Com…Authorization Requirements fo…75-3.02BAsphalt Concrete Pavement (Fl…Authorization Requirements fo…37-6See all 45 rows on dot.ca.gov

The Worlds Strongest Anchoring Epoxy | Adhesives authorized materials lists aml caltrans

Not only does ULTRABOND HS-1CC provide superior performance to every other anchoring epoxy on the planet, it is included on Departments of Transportation authorized materials lists in 34 of the 39 states that maintain such lists, and remaining applicable states are pending. #1 choice for commercial construction and transportation industries.Sitemap - Caltrans DES-PPM&OEClose Search. PPM&OE Sitemap. PPM&OE Homepage/ Contractor's Corner/ General Information Contact us Caltrans Contractor Interest Registry Construction Contract Standards Business Enterprise Programs (DBE, DVBE, SBE) Contracts Under $333,000 (Minor B) Architectural authorized materials lists aml caltransRelated searches for authorized materials lists aml caltranscaltrans approved material listcaltrans pre approved material listcaltrans pre qualified materials listcaltrans approved materials list guardrailcaltrans pre approved product listcaltrans approved listcaltrans approved products listcaltrans materials on hand

Product Evaluation Program (PEP) | Caltrans

Caltrans maintains lists of preapproved materials or products authorized to be used in construction contracts. Products to be added to an existing AML must meet the criteria for that specific AML. To submit a product for addition to an existing AML, please complete the Authorized Material List Submittal Form (TL 9502).Polaris Materials - High Quality Concrete AggregatesOrca aggregates are listed in the Approved Material List (AML) for California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS), pre-approved for use in structural concrete applications. They exceed the American Society for the Testing of Materials (ASTM) on all measures for concrete aggregates.Materials and Equipment - New York State Department of authorized materials lists aml caltransMaterials and Equipment Approved List SCOPE. This Approved List for Materials and Equipment of Manufacturers and /or Suppliers (Approved List) is compiled and issued by the Materials Bureau with additions and deletions being made continually. A copy of the approval letter from the Department of Transportation to Manufacturers or Suppliers may be used as evidence of acceptability between authorized materials lists aml caltrans

INDOT: Division of Materials and Tests - Indiana

Approved Materials A listing of materials and suppliers pre-approved and tested that meet INDOT specifications for immediate use on INDOT Contracts. Frequency of Sampling and Testing Manual This is the manual that outlines the Sampling and Testing requirements of materials for acceptance purposes on INDOT contracts.FDOT Post Tensioning InvestigationPrepackaged grout must be on the Caltrans Authorized Material List (AML). The Contractor must have an approved grouting plan. The Contractor must have PTI and ASBI certification. The Posttensioned Concrete Committee chair must concur with the use of prepackaged thixotropic grout for the proposed contract.DES-PPM&OE - Bidder Inquiries Viewing - Caltrans DES Sep 18, 2020 · Additionally, there are no bidirectional carbon fabrics listed in the Caltrans / CA DOT Authorized Materials List (AML) from any listed manufacturer. Please confirm that the U-wrap CFRP application to the beams indicated should consist of a unidirectional carbon FRP material installed with fibers oriented in the hoop direction, and not a bidirectional CFRP product as indicated on Sheet 77,


After delivery, the contractor is responsible for any damage to Caltrans-furnished materials. Obtain a list of the equipment and materials the contractor proposes to install, as required by Section 86-1.01C, authorized materials lists aml caltrans Conduit primers are on the Authorized Material List for organic zinc-rich primers.Caltrans Approved - MATRIX Construction ProductsCaltrans Approved. Caltrans approval is considered by the construction industry to be the bench-mark in product standards for quality and performance. The high standards of the Caltrans requirements exceed all other state and federal Department of Transportation testing requirements. Most other states grandfather your product approval when authorized materials lists aml caltransCalifornia Department of Transportation Lighting Solutions authorized materials lists aml caltransIn 2015-2016 CALTRANS Authorized Material List (AML) LED Luminaires for Roadway 1, 2, 3, and 4.

CDOT Approved Products List (APL) Colorado Department

Contact Us Standards & Specifications Unit. Shawn Yu Unit Manager 303-757-9474 Email Shawn. Josh Keith M-Standards Engineer 303-757-9021 Email Josh. Michele KayenCALTRANS AUTHORIZED MATERIAL LIST OF FUSION Feb 28, 2020 · CALTRANS AUTHORIZED MATERIAL LIST OF FUSION BONDED EPOXY POWDERS FOR COATING REINFORCEMENT STEEL. Last edit date: 2/28/2020. 3M Company authorized materials lists aml caltrans This table was prepared to provide a reference source for epoxy coating systems currently authorized for use by Caltrans. Caltrans assumes no liability or responsibility for the accuracy or validity of this authorized materials lists aml caltransCALTRANS AUTHORIZED LIST OF INNOCUOUS 118 rows · Dec 17, 2020 · CALTRANS AUTHORIZED LIST OF INNOCUOUS AGGREGATES FOR 91-01-0007SUNOLOLIVER DE SILVA INC. DBA SUNTRACY ZUBEK (925) 91-01-0009ELIOTCEMEX CONSTRUCTION MATERANTONIO FUENTES (91-01-0010CALMAT/PLEASANTONCALMAT COMPANY 50 EL CHARDAVID RUEDI (925) 291-01-0011MISSION VALLEY ROMISSION VALLEY ROCK COMPAANTONIO C. FUENTESee all 118 rows on mets.dot.ca.gov


Jan 13, 2021 · Caltrans takes no position respecting the validity of any intellectual property rights asserted in connection with any coupler on this list. Users of this list are solely responsible for determining the validity of any such intellectual property rights; All mechanical couplers are on plain black bar unless otherwise stated.CALTRANS AUTHORIZED CHEMICAL ADMIXTURES FOR Lignosulfonate Based Material: 4 (2012) 6: More: 0.8: 2 to 6 fluid ounces per 100 lbs: 1/31/2024: Plastocrete 161: A, D: Lignin Polymer: 5.6 (2017) 8.7: Less: 1.5: 2 to 8 fluid ounces per 100 lbs: 5/1/2023: Plastocrete 250: A, D: Tricalcium Silicate: 3 (2017) 7.4: Same: 0.12: 2 to 5 fluid ounces per 100 lbs: 6/24/2024: Sika CNI: C: Calcium Nitrate Based: 65 (2016) 4.0: More: 1.5CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION FACILITY Dec 31, 2020 · List for Steel Standards and Poles facilities: Last edited 12/31/2020: List for Structural Precast Concrete facilities: Last edited 1/8/2021: List for Welded Steel for Overhead Sign Structures facilities: Last edited 12/31/2020: Process for renewing a Facility Audit with Caltrans


Oct 02, 2020 · AUTHORIZED ACCESSIBLE PEDESTRIAN SIGNALS LIST. General: Products on this Authorized Material List have been evaluated and found acceptable for use on California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) projects, provided the products are used in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. Products on this list are subject to additional Job Control testing during CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION 82 rows · Jan 15, 2021 · AUTHORIZED CEMENTITIOUS MATERIALS FOR USE IN CONCRETE. Blended CementType IP Blended CementLafarge HolcimDevil's Slide type IPBlended CementType IP Blended CementNevada Cement CompanyFernley Type IPBlended CementType IP Blended CementSalt River Materials GroupClarkdale Type IPCementType II Portland CementCalPortlandAsia Type IISee all 82 rows on mets.dot.ca.govAuthorized Materials Lists (AML) | Caltrans45 rows · Authorized Materials Lists (AML) Authorized Material Lists are specified in Caltrans authorized materials lists aml caltransAccessible Pedestrian SignalsAuthorization Requirements foRSS 86-1.02TAdmixtures for Use in ConcretAuthorization Requirements fo90-1.01C(4) 90-1.02E(1) 90-1.0Anaerobic Threadlocking ComAuthorization Requirements fo75-3.02BAsphalt Concrete Pavement (FlAuthorization Requirements fo37-6See all 45 rows on dot.ca.gov

Authorized Materials List for Silicone Joint Sealant

Products on this Authorized Material List ( AML) are products that have been evaluated and found acceptable for use, provided the products are used in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. The California Department of Transportation ( Caltrans) may perform additional job control testing during construction or installation.Authorized Material List for Chemical Adhesives - CaltransAug 14, 2020 · Caltrans may perform additional job control testing during construction or installation. If you have questions about this AML, please contact Jacquelyn Wong, Concrete Technology Committee Chair, at (916) 227-7205. Title: Authorized Material List for Authorization Requirements For New Signing and authorized materials lists aml caltrans - The Division of Traffic Operations is responsible for maintaining this Authorized Materials List (AML) of Pre-Qualified and Tested Signing and Delineation Materials and for approving any new products to be added to the AML. This document lists the qualification criteria for new signing and delineation products for inclusion in the AML.

Approved Products List (APL)

Jan 04, 2021 · APPROVED PRODUCTS LIST January 2021 Table of Contents The APL is a list of categorized products that have been determined to meet ADOTs Standard and Stored Specifications, and have been approved for potential use on roadway construction projects. The APL is a resource for ADOT staff, local public agencies, and private industry. ADOT is notApproved Materials List - LouisianaThe Qualified Products List Manual was replaced with the Approved Materials List on October 1, 2014. Information from the Approved Materials List will be obtained using our reports below to pull the data you need directly from the SiteManager database in real-time. The Approved Materials List for Aggregates is a separate report.Approved Materials List - LouisianaNOTE: Effective August 1st, 2020, all Concrete Patching Products currently listed on either of Louisianas Approved Materials List (AML) for: Patching Materials for Precast or Prestressed Concrete Products and/or Rapid Setting Patching Materials for Concrete, will be made Inactive.The Department has created an all-inclusive AML for concrete patching products called authorized materials lists aml caltrans


APPROVED MATERIALS LIST (AML) FOR CONSTRUCTION OF DISTRICT POTABLE WATER, RECYCLED WATER, AND SEWER FACILITIES ***DIRECTIONS FOR COMPLETING THE AML*** 1. Complete . ALL. 11 Pages of this document. Note N/A if an item or sheet does not pertain to the project. 2. Provide separate shop drawings for . ALL. items where noted in the AML and authorized materials lists aml caltransAML for Chemical Adhesives - CaltransJan 12, 2021 · AML for Chemical Adhesives. CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION. Page 1 of 3 Revised January 12, 2021. AUTHORIZED MATERIAL LIST FOR CHEMICAL ADHESIVES. Drill and Bond Dowel (Chemical Adhesive) , DBCA, intended for structural applications, such as for bonding threaded rods and/or rebar into holes drilled in hardened concrete, must comply with ACI AML Criteria Cabinets - CaltransSuppliers approved for the Authorized Materials List (AML) will be included for 2 calendar years from the date of approval. If a supplier wishes to remain on the AML after the 2 calendar years, they must complete the Authorized Material List Submittal Form TL -9502 25 work weeks prior to

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